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mbt shoes sverige

Post  fghghhh on Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:53 am

The history of the brand is steeped in mbt skor butik pedigree and myth. John Bausch and his partner Henry Lomb first launched iconic shades in the 1930s. However, mbt mans the term “lifestyle” would have been foreign to them at the start. The firm specialised in optical equipment such as telescopes and binoculars.

Solicited by the US Armed Forces, they mbt women developed a specialised pair of sunglasses with a patent glass called RB3, which was capable of mbt shoes sverige filtering the ultraviolet and infrared light. The mbt shoes utlopp teardrop shape made it easy to slip into a pocket and was standard issue to every GI and even General McArthur himself. By 1937, the duo commercialised the sunglasses for a mass market and never looked back.


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